Japanese knotweed stem injection


Specialist Reports For Mortgage Lenders

Many of our residential clients contact us when a home buyer's survey has identified Japanese Knotweed affecting a property.  This discovery normally means that the mortgage lender requires a report by a Japansese Knotweed specialist, many mortgage lenders now specify a PCA approved contractor like C&F.  Our Japanese Knotweed reports are written in a standard form which provides the basis for the Knotweed Management Plan, or KMP, which details the risks and the costs associated with removing the problem.  

The specialist report is the first part of the process; once it is written the lender will normally allow the sale to proceed with a number of conditions attached.  Our experience in dealing with mortgage lenders, solicitors and estate agents, as well as the buyers and sellers allows us to guide you through the process quickly and easily with the minimum of fuss.

Paying For Treatment

Normally the seller pays and most mortage lenders specify that a 3rd party, or escrow, account is used to hold the funds for the treatment.
C&F will provide a fixed price for dealing with the Japanese Knotweed which is usually payable in installments.  By working with the solicitors and mortgage lenders our clients we aim to ensure that our clients do not have to pay for treatment work prior to the sale of the property.
Upon exchange, the seller's involvement comes to an end.

At C&F we pride ourselves in providing the most cost effective and straightforward solution possible. Our clients appreciate our trustworthy and honest advice and guidance. Unlike others we won’t attempt to scare monger you with facts on the dangers of Japanese Knotweed – we’ll find you the solutions and work with you to overcome the challenges.

Call us today on 01582 507937 to talk through your project and we can develop a straightforward treatment program which will eradicate Knotweed from your property in the speediest, most cost effective method possible.

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