Japanese Knotweed in garden


Japanese Knotweed In Residential Properties

Japanese Knotweed is the same type of plant wherever it is in the UK, regardless of who the client is; the differences lie in client requirements and priorities.
Our residential clients tend to be in one of 3 categories -

  • Buying or selling a property
  • Staying in the property
  • Property agents


Buying Or Selling A Property

The discovery of Japanese Knotweed is normally made at the end of the sales process by the home buyer's surveyor.  The property could be classed as 'Not fit for mortgage purposes' and a specialist report will be required.
When Japanese Knotweed is discovered like this it can lead to a delay in the sale at a critical time - both parties are normally about to move house and are suddenly presented with a daunting problem.  C&F provide a speedy surveying and report writing service and will follow the process through to minimise any delays for our clients; please contact us to arrange a survey or read more on our Specialist Reports page.

It is perfectly possible to sell properties affected by Japanese Knotweed.  The treatment doesn't need to be complete and often it hasn't even started - C&F will provide you with the guidance, reports, Knotweed Management Plan, contracts, warranties and Insurance Backed Guarantees, as well the help and support you need to be able to move on quickly.

Staying In The Property

If you have discovered Japanese Knotweed at your own property, or that your property is affected by JK close by; you will be able to take a longer view and speed will not be as important in making decisions about the knotweed management.  Factors that become more important include cost, feeling comfortable with the contractor, and being able to retain the use of your garden.  At C&F we treat every job the same - we attach the same urgency and offer the same great value to all our clients.  To protect your garden we will identify the spread of the knotweed and choose what chemicals and how best to use them to best kill the weed without destroying everything else when we do the initial survey; as the treatment progresses over several seasons our highly skilled operatives will ensure that your knotweed is killed and that you are still able to enjoy your garden.

Property Agents

Identifying Japanese Knotweed and appointing suitable contractors to deal with it can be a difficult task.  As well as being able to deal with the site work effectively, C&F will fit in easily to a property management schedule.  We can deal with tennants directly to arrange access and are comfortable working with order numbers and job sheets; RAMS and site reports are standard and we are confident the quality of our work will leave your clients happy

At C&F we pride ourselves in providing the most cost effective and straightforward solution possible. Our clients appreciate our trustworthy and honest advice and guidance. Unlike others we won’t attempt to scare monger you with facts on the dangers of Japanese Knotweed – we’ll find you the solutions and work with you to overcome the challenges.

Call us today on 01582 507937 to talk through your project and we can develop a straightforward treatment program which will eradicate Knotweed from your property in the speediest, most cost effective method possible.

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