C&F recognise that the treatment plan and service levels required by our commercial clients is often quite different to a residential project.

Time is often the most important factor for our commercial clients, they need us to provide prompt surveys and quotations with treatment options that can be completed immediately rather than over a few growing seasons.

In addition to the damage that an invasive plant such Japanese Knotweed can do to the clients own property and infrastructure, there is the cost and risk of civil action from adjoining land owners should the Knotweed spread.

For many of our commercial development clients, the discovery of Japanese Knotweed can result in delays to whole construction projects, which often has significant budgetary ramifications.

Our commercial clients often find it cost effective to use us for more than one service on their sites, to find out more about these services please visit the following web pages; Site clearance, Invasive Weeds, GIS Mapping or contact us by phone or email to discuss further.

Consultancy Only Service

By the time Japanese Knotweed is discovered, many of our commercial clients have often already hired companies to excavate and complete the ground works elements of their projects. Some clients prefer not to have multiple ground-working contractors onsite and in these instances C&F often propose a Consultancy Only Service which enables our client to use their existing contractors to carry out the physical removal of the Knotweed whilst C&F provide the knowledge and expertise to make sure the Knotweed is completely and safely eradicated.

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