JK mapped on a development site

Japanese Knotweed On Development Sites

If your site has Japanese Knotweed, or other problem weeds like Giant Hogweed, a phase 1 survey or other inspection will often identify them.  C&F provide specialist inspections for developers pre-purchase and for exisiting assets, as well as phase 1 and other ecological surveys.  We are also able to perform desktop reviews of existing surveys to identify sites worthy of further inspection, this can reduce site inspection costs and allow problem areas to be dealt with in a more timely and cost effective way.

At a JK site inspection we will map existing knotweed and other key features using GIS.  Using the Information gathered on site in conjunction with aerial photography and other sources we will develop a complete picture of the problem.  Our vast experience in treatment and excavation of Japansese Knotweed allows C&F to give our clients the best possible information about their problem and how to deal with it in the most cost and time effective way.  We write our development site reports in conjunction with the site plans and supporting documtentation like geotechnical reports to allow us to explore every option - from in-situ treatment, to on-site burial or dig and dump.

Staff Qualifications

All our field staff have PA6 or PA6AW qualifications for herbicide appplication all are CSCS qualified with experience on both large and small development sites.
Site JK inspections and excavation supervision will be done by a manager with CSCS, FAAW, SSSTS, SMSTS and the PCA JK surveyor qualification.
Our ecologists have a range of specialised qualifications; please read more on our Ecology page.

Associated Works - Trees And Vegetation

Because Japanese Knotweed often grows in areas where there are lots of trees, we have an in-house tree work capability which means our commercial clients can come to C&F to deal with all the vegetaiton on site.
Combining vegetation clearance and JK work can be very cost effective as it reduces the number of contrators involved, reduces timescales and makes better use of your resources.

  • Vegetation clearance
  • Tree felling
  • Stump grinding
  • Habitat Mitigation


To see a selection of C&F’s commercial clients please click here and to find out more about the scope of our commercial projects please contact us directly.

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