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Japanese Knotweed Discovery

Japanese Knotweed is often only discovered after demolition work or site strip has started; this can cause unexpected additional cost and delays, especially if the JK has been disturbed.  C&F's experienced site teams can quickly get to grips with the problems you encounter to manage risk and cost.  We are more than happy to fit into your organisation for site works and to use your equipment on site to minimise cost and disruption.

When you encounter Japanese Knotweed please contact us to allow us to schedule a site inspection as quickly as possible.  Once our site survey is complete we will provide a method statement, or Knotweed Management Plan, to ensure that the JK is being dealt with thoroughly and to allow you to get costs back to your client.  Excavation method statements will include estimates on excavation time and disposal volumes.

Japanese Knotweed Excavation

Prior to digging out, a degree of site preparation will normally need to take place.  This could include things like -

  • Stem injection or spraying of JK 
  • Removing JK canes
  • Removing surrounding vegetation
  • Preparation of a bulking area
  • Preparation of a haulage route


It's no surprise that if you have machines on site and are hauling large volumes of material away that you will probably get better disposal rates than us.  Therefore, we don't normally cost disposal or machines for you but stick to the supervision side.

As standard we work on a day rate and charge for the following

  • Site survey and RAMS
  • Excavation days (including loading and hauling off)
  • Final report and site sign off


To see a selection of C&F’s commercial clients please click here and to find out more about the scope of our commercial projects please contact us directly.

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