GIS Mapping

What is it?

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is the most effective and cost efficient method of mapping the position and development of features on the ground. C&F use it primarily for recording the location of trees, Japanese Knotweed, other invasive weeds such as Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam.

Why we use it

Our use of GIS mapping, which is basically elaborate GPS software enables us to use a map of the area to very accurately record features on the ground so that our specialist reports are accurate. It also enables us to return to exactly the same spot in future years so that proper checks and if necessary, treatment can continue.

The use of GIS mapping gives better control over the type and quantity of chemicals applied, it provides our clients with peace of mind that we are doing our job and most importantly, it validates our warranties.

Who it can help and why


  • Construction – record accurately where JK is and put that information into a layer on a CAD drawing – quantifies risk and manages cost
  • Land managers – Higher level entry schemes – accurately record areas of scrub to be cleared


  • Produces accurate reports for mortgage lenders
  • Shows accurately where the problem is – common to split the cost of treatment if unclear where the problem started
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