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Japanese Knotweed Specialists

C&F provide a complete and professional range of Japanese Knotweed services to our nationwide residential, commercial and public sector clients.
We are a PCA approved invasive weeds contractor and can offer 10 year insurance backed guarantees.

We are experts in :

  • Specialist reports for home buyers and mortgage lenders
  • Pre-purchase inspections for developers
  • Identification
  • Treatment
  • Removal
  • Excavation
  • Consultancy
  • Ecological clerk of works
  • Mapping

Complete Japanese Knotweed Management

At C&F we believe in offering a service that is great value for money and deals with as many aspects of your Japanese Knotweed problem as possible.  We have been dealing with Japanese Knotweed commercially for over a decade and in that time we have gained a wealth of experience in the management of the problem as well as just the treatment of the weed.  

Home owners may find that, on top of all the stress of moving, they can no longer sell their property.  C&F can provide the specialist reports; deal with estate agents, the solicitors, the buyers, the neighbours and can manage the knotweed problem from start to finish
Developers could find that the homes they are building are unsaleable.  C&F can solve this and can add value at every step of the way by identifying risk and providing cost effective solutions that satisfy all relevant stakeholder requirements.  We can also inspect sites prior to purchase to identify Japanese Knotweed and other weeds such as Giant Hogweed.

No matter how large or small our client, from privately owned houses right through to large scale commercial projects, we deliver the same consistent, professional approach.

Contact C&F now to ask for more information or to book an appointment.


Residential Clients
Dealing with JK at any stage. Specialising in JK found in the house sale process.  PCA approved, 10 year insurace backed guarantee


From pre-purchase inspections and planning constraints to dig and dump.  Cost effective and timely solutions to keep your project moving

Tree Stump

Demolition Contractors And Ground Workers
Integrated solutions using your equipment.  Surveys, RAMS, treatment, excavation and loading supervision followed by site sign off and reports

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